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The perfect gift

When we make a present, all we want is to surprise the other person. We look for creative and original gifts, we take our time to choose the right one, and we pick the best time to give it to that person. Possibilities are endless. But finding an exclusive gift, one that is out of the ordinary, unforgettable, different and unique, one that moves that special person… We have less chances to find something like that.

How do you feel about gifting “emotions”? What if I told you they last a lifetime? And even more: they are valuable. How do you feel about gifting art that tells your/their own story?

In Aere Esculturas we know you can: we make customized works of art that are innovate and unique; they talk about those special moments: interests, family, hobbies, sports, pets, work, travels… We also make them in limited editions, each with their Certificate of Authenticity, so you know they are exclusive.

Our sculptures are handcrafted in bronze, stone, wood and metal, and designed to be the perfect gift:

How do you feel about gifting “emotions”? How do you feel about gifting art that tells your/their own story?

“Emotions” for that loved one getting married, or a limited edition for your dear guests in your wedding, so that they can keep a memory of such a special day.

A gift for your partner that reminds you of that romantic getaway… Do you remember our time in Paris, India, Japan, Egypt, New York? Do you remember the place where we met? That outing in which I told you we were going to be parents?

And what about the passion of that special someone? Cycling, horse-riding, playing golf, feeling relaxed while swimming, that adrenaline feeling when skiing… Such an active person!

The family: your children, your mother, your father, your partner… You have helped us so much, grandad. We love your bakery, grandma. And why not, your pet that always keeps you company.

In your company, give a sculpture as a gift to that special client who is now a friend, or to that employee that has been essential in the growth of the company and is retiring now, or simply to show the values of your company.

What about a gift for yourself?

In conclusion, giving a sculpture by Aere as a gift means giving emotions and memories.


We create sculptures with feeling, that capture the history of each person and transmit emotions, exclusivity and value.

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