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In Aere we create personalized, original, unique, and exclusive sculptures. Works of art thought, designed and elaborated exclusively for you. Our promise is that there will not be another sculpture like it, since they are unique pieces where we capture those happy moments: that hobby that makes your heart full, that person who has become your favourite one, those who move away from your side, the most important achievement of your career… In short, we make works of art that convey emotions. Works that become part of your most treasured possessions. Works that will last a lifetime, which create an unforgettable memory.

Behind Aere you’ll find a life enthusiast and art lover, who teamed up with sculptors and creatives to create Aere Esculturas, a place for those who enjoy being different and are looking for art that is tailor-made.

We make works of art that convey emotions, works that last a lifetime, that form an unforgettable memory.

Aere Sculptures is composed by Fernando and a passionate creative crew (sculptors and other artists), all art and creativity lovers. Fernando focuses on customers and quality, manages the Aere project with excitement, experience and trying to make each one of the customers feel at home when acquiring a sculpture.

Our sculptures are elaborated in a handcrafted manner, with noble materials. We use bronze as the main element and create settings in metal, wood, stone and epoxy, which makes the pieces have a great value. The Mini Sculptures for pendants are made from Sterling Silver 925 of the highest quality, bronze and brass to be a must-have in your jewellery box.

We make personalized art works to be given as a gift, works to be collected, art to be remembered. We also offer you limited series for your wedding, company, conventions, exhibitions. They will always be exclusive. They will always tell your story.

If you have read this far, we will go ahead and tell you the meaning of our name, Aere: “A” comes from Art, “e” from the emotions that your story conveys, the “r” from remembrances, and the final “e” from esculturas, the Spanish word for sculptures. But there is more: Aere, in Latin, means “bronze”, our main material. Our ‘wings’ represent human beings’s emotion and desire to fly. Will you fly with us?


We create sculptures with feeling, that capture the history of each person and transmit emotions, exclusivity and value.

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