Purchase process

Purchase process

What are you going to find in Aere Shop/Gallery? Two separate areas:

The first one, a space where we will design your Personalized Sculpture using your ideas as a starting point. The figures will be 10 cm tall, and we will add a setting to present them. In case you are looking for something different, let us know and we will give you options.

The second area, Gallery sculptures, designed by Aere and ready to be given as a gift or to be collected.

Personalized sculpture

If you choose a Personalized Sculpture, you can calculate an approximate budget yourself on our website by following the configurator steps. In the final step, you will have to send your detailed comments and/or images and we will send you, by email or WhatsApp, a draft of your project for your approval and budget adjustment.

You can also email us to info@aeresculturas.com, send us a WhatsApp to +34 617 647 225, contact us by Instagram, Facebook Messenger, or phone us.

Once the draft has been confirmed, our team will get down to work. As it is a work exclusively made for you, we will need to receive 50% of the budgeted amount at the beginning, and the other 50% when the work is finished and ready to ship.

As we elaborate each sculpture in a handcrafted manner and with a complex creation process, the production time is variable. We will need between 3 and 4 weeks once you have expressed your approval for the draft.

The Mini Sculptures or pendants will be paid at the time of ordering, and the creation process will take from 10 to 15 days for the personalized ones. The non-personalized ones will be ready for delivery as soon as they are bought.

Shop/Gallery Sculpture

If you choose a sculpture from our Shop/Gallery, the work will still be exclusive and there won’t be another piece like it. From the limited series, there will be a fixed number and a certificate containing the number of units. You will be able to consult each work price and acquire it from our website immediately. We can send the work to almost everywhere in the world (depending on the availability of the transport agencies we work with), and you will receive it in just 48/150 hours, depending on the destination.


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We create sculptures with feeling, that capture the history of each person and transmit emotions, exclusivity and value.

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